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whO WE are 

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In  ITC  community 
We invested our efforts to build a system of training services, of high quality, according to the latest scientific knowledge and practical practices approved by the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training and an accredited certificate in the Ministry of Administrative and Social Developmentt.

For contribute to the development  of human resources, building positive trends, refining ideas, and developing behaviors and methods of work.

We also contribute to building the future of our trainees and clients through maintain the standards of quality, professionalism and innovation, because we believe that we are part of their development.

Our efforts are continuing to be the driving force for development and to be training center for providing best practices that exceed our customers' expectations.

This makes us the perfect choice for training and development

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Our passion for change for the better
start point without limits

for  inspiring success story
In our motivating world

 for human investment
We apply an innovative training methodology


our goals

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  • Designing qualification programs for individuals and many governmental and private entities in accordance with quality and sustainability standards.

  • Designing training programs for individuals and many governmental and private entities to hone the skills of the trainees.

  • Providing development programs designed to attain the needs of governmental and private entities to raise their efficiency.

  • Encouraging on-the-job training in line with priority data and business development.

  • Achieving effective results in the sustainability framework through evaluating the results of training, directing energies and improving performance.

  • Establishing partnerships at the local and international levels from the supporting bodies for training and development.

  • Adopting international certificates to enrich the labor market and meet its needs.


our story

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